After receiving more than 100 million views world-wide on our actions we've been able to create global influence. Together we allow ourselves and the public to become active participants in transforming yesterdays worn out story for the better. Together we're weaving the threads for a global humanitarian family to arise, changing the cultural fabric of today and tomorrow.

    Take a look at a few of our more recent videos and if it resonates feel free to join us and the 100,000 other people.

    The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2015

    100,000 people from 156 different cities participated to create this inspiring global message for humanity. 

    Self-Acceptance Experiment

    With over 44million views across youtube and facebook this has been our most influencial video.

    World's Biggest

    Here we inspired over 200 people from 18 different countries in 25 cities to courageously stand up on buses, trains and boats at 7am on a Monday morning to invite the public to sing-a-long to this classic Bob Marley track. The intent behind this video was to demonstrate we are much stronger together than we are separated in fear.

    Train Passengers Sing Over the Rainbow!

    More than 11 million views later, this video continues to inspire the world.

    Self-Acceptance v2

    Hugely powerful and daring experiment involving Jae West inviting the public to cut her hair to demonstrate how much more to beauty exists than on the surface.

    Read the full behind the scenes story here

    The World's Biggest Trust Experiment

    Our first global event involved 9 countries representing and encouraging the world to trust more openly.

    TEDx Talk by Founder, Peter Sharp

    This daring and captivating speech is for anyone who'd like to know about why and how Pete & the Liberators are helping change the world.

    First Year of The Liberators in 42 Seconds

    A quick summary video of what happened in our first year of Liberation.

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    We are a whole movement of people passionate about sharing acts of love and kindness in public.