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    Peter Sharp

    Leader of The Liberators International

    Running the Liberator social movement is my soul calling to this planet. I have discovered and uncovered a way to share large scale acts of love & kindness in public and in festivals.


    With this knowledge and The Liberators we're able to collectively transform cultural fabrics of shared experience into loving moments of positive emotion and meaningful connection.

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    Pasan Tenakoon

    Project Manager

    Pasan is a deeply passionate and coordinated individual who brings great value and planning to the overall implementation of liberation world wide. He is an asset and a long time liberator.

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    Jae West

    Co-Pilot of The Liberators

    Jae is an inspiring and passionate dancer, actress, motivational speaker and yoga instructor. She has dedicated her life to inspiring individuals to reach their highest potential through merging movement, such as dance and yoga with the mind and spirit through practises such as meditation and interactive trust-building games. This holistic fusion enables her to create a space of unity and liberation for each individual.

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    Marina Clare

    Event Manager

    Marina is passionate about creating positive shifts in consciousness through her heart-centred and organised approach to building great events. Her experience in event management is a significant contribution to the Liberators overall success.

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    The Liberator Family!

    Over 25 dedicated members of the movement

    We have dedicated and equally valuable Liberator family who help with the development of the movement with their time, ideas, energy & participation.