Our Mission
    To involve people in participatory acts of freedom that allow us to see that beyond our differences there is love and humanity.

    Who Are The Liberators International?
    We are a global family of people ready to actively be a part of the change we’d like to see in this world. We use our skills, intelligence, gifts and abilities to create positive experiences for the world to actively participate in making today and tomorrow's future more sustainable and harmonious.

    How Do We Liberate?
    We create large scale global events that create an experience of unity for the Earth, we also create festival experiences of unity that uplift crowds of people by combining ice breaking games with a forward thinking DJ set. When we're not performing at festivals, we might be presenting a public speech on living more authentically or creating a public event that involves and encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in acts of unconditional kindness, dance and or human connection. We inspire people from all over the world to create their own similar unified participatory actions. We do not force, we simply give rise to a new opportunity.

    Why Do We Liberate?

    We are here to lead by example to allow the people of planet Earth to see that we are brothers and sisters of the same human race, travelling together on this Earthship we collectively call home.

    Our Vision for the Future
    We aim to coordinate, record and distribute monthly global acts of freedom, which reconnect humanity with their innate, interconnected power.

  • Short Documentaries

    TEDx Perth

    A 14 minute SUPERCHARGED talk on the movements influence in the world.



    Towards the beginning of the journey, Pete was interviewed by the ABC to create this piece of work.


    This second documentary was created by a university student Anna Bendz

    This is a 7 minute explanation of the movement so far.