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    A global club of kind people who create a world where people feel comfortable openly communicating in public.

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  • What is Kindness Club?

    A group of awesome humans who invite strangers to feel safe enough to say hello.

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    Become a member of the Kindness Club by buying a badge.

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    KINDNESS CLUB Shirt $40

    Represent kindness on the daily by buying the shirt.

  • How It Works

    The Kindness Club is a community who promotes the openness and acceptance of every day, consensual interactions; while crucially honouring the boundaries of others to promote/convey open expression and connection.

    Buy Kindness Badge

    A simple, clean and clear badge that invites strangers to feel safe enough to simply say hello!


    Wear badge in Public

    You'll receive an info pack, invite to our FB Group and Kindness badge full of useful information on how to create conversations and kindness in the world. Put the badge on and be open to new communication and friendships forming in public.


    Meet at monthly Kindness HuB Meetup

    On the first Monday of every month Kindness Club members around the world meet in a park or at someone's home to share food, build friendships and discuss how their month of sharing kindness has been. Together the team discuss ways on how they can create more kindness in the world moving forwards.