• World Eye Contact Experiment is happening on 21st of September 2019

    Our dear friends Bhudda Theatre are uniting the entire world in eye contact and we'd love for you to be a part of it!


    View this video to get all the information about how to join the world together as one!


    Click here for more info --> www.eyecontactexperiment.one


    We harness the power of heart-warming human connection, forward thinking dance music & video production to inspire humanity to share acts of freedom, love and kindness with one another. 


    These 5 special experiences bring our good vibes to you.

    Global Events For Peace

    200+ city representatives create a peaceful event together.

    Our flagship experience involves the whole world participating in an action for peace, kindness and or human connection. We work with our 200 city hosts, videographers, photographers, the public & city governments to create a positive global action. Everything is recorded on video then compiled into an international video message for peace. We only collaborate with ethical organisations also dedicated to world peace.

    Viral Video Production

    Essence: The creation of a fun, playful and uplifting social experiment with 50 - 300 people.

    Available for Music Producers, Not for Profit organisations, Ethical Businesses & Festivals

    With over 30 million views on our viral videos, our talented and experienced crew team up with your people to create a very special social experiment to a song and theme of your choice. This experience is a ground breaking & effective technique to get your heartwarming message out across social media.

    Public Speaking

    After speaking at TEDx Perth inspiring and surprising large crowds is part of what we love to do.

    Peter Sharp, the founder will present inspiring content related to the benefits of going outside your comfort zone, how human connection can help in the workplace and or how to start a viral social movement.

    Ecstatic Dj Set (Interactive)

    Essence: A top class DJ, an MC & 1 hour of Flashmob games that promote freedom & human connection.

    Available for Music Festivals, Family Festivals, Large Nightclubs & Parades

    We transform large crowds of people into liberated, loving and connected people by blending dance music with interactive games that promote human connection, self expression and unity. Our professional Dj teams up with our MC's Pete & Jae to bring the vibes!


    Roving Dance & Karaoke Parades

    Essence: A 4 wheeled moving sound system + DJ + MC to get the moving dance floor pumped!

    Available for Outdoor Parties, Festivals, Parades & Private Functions


    Static parties are so last year, The Bass Wagon is a roving party sound system that comes with your choice of Liberators to assist your people feel comfortable with dancing and feeling free. We have a talented DJ provide exactly the right music for the right situation.


  • Recent Work

    Most of these videos have over 1 million views and continue to travel around the world spreading love & inspiration.

    Transforming the Monday morning winter blues into a spontaneous sing-along.

    Over 30 million views world-wide

    (including FB video views)

    Jae West, one of the original co-founders undresses for message of self-love and acceptance in London.

    Over 50 Million Views World-Wide

    (including FB video views)

    Transforming a boring train ride into a spontaneous dance party.

    Over 40 millions views world-wide

    (including FB video views)

    World's Biggest Sing-along

    We aimed to inspire humanity to sing-a-long to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley on the way to work on Monday morning, the 23rd of May, 2016.

    The World's Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2015

    Uniting the Earth in the power of Eye Contact. This magnificence highlights just how hungry the world is for authentic human connection. Over 150 cities united to create this inspiring message.

    Smashing invisible chains of fear

    This was after Mum said I should go get a normal job...

    Public Meditation Flashmob

    This calming event has gone on to inspiring a number of other social movements around the world to create similar acts in public.

    Our first international act of love

    The blind trust experiment was first created by Peter Sharp, the founder in 28 May 2013. It has since sparked a global movement of people re-creating the experiment in their own cities. After years of success, Pete decided to do it again, only this time on a global scale. This video shows what happened next.